Our Story

All Natural, Organic Beauty Store

We source for clean and effective products from around the world, to bring the best for you and the planet.

In 2020 when I was pregnant with my daughter, I had a slew of skin and scalp problems- eczema, psoriasis that did not seem to go away. I consulted doctors and dermatologists to seek for solutions to solve my skin issues. Each time, I face the same results- prescriptions for mild steroids and medicated creams. I grew increasingly uncomfortable using them and so I started on a mission to seek out non-toxic and safe products that could solve all of my skin and scalp concerns. This transcended to using only pure, uncomplicated products for my children as well.

All beauty products that you find in our tight edit have great results without potentially harming us. This idea has been embedded in us since our conception and we take pride in selecting products made with highest quality of ingredients and giving you the most transparent information to help you in your journey of discovering what works best for you.

IYLA means 'shining one' and it is my sincere hope that you find your radiance in our community. If you would like to connect with us directly, please feel free to drop an email to hello@iylacollective.com.