Here to the rescue:

The new Olive & Caper Rescue Balm Gel

Body Therapy

Wonder oil for stretch marks, scarring, eczema and more.

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t e s t i m o n i a l s

I have battled eczema for many years and this shampoo works well to calm it. I don't have irritation after using it and it also keeps my hair feeling soft and silky.

My baby has a lot of redness around the skin folds and after using this once or twice it subsides. The results are obvious and most importantly I have the ease of mind when I use it for my baby.

I have been using this for a few weeks and it works very well for my baby’s sensitive skin. It is soothing and does not cause irritation even on areas that are slightly red due to eczema issues.

I had very bad Post Partum hair loss with my baby and my friend recommended me this shampoo to try. No regrets using this because it helped my hair loss a lot! It feels drying for first few uses but it detoxes the scalp well. After a few uses my hair feels less dry and baby hair starts to grow! Will repurchase for sure!

The shampoo smells great, the texture is very nice and most importantly, it helps to curb hairloss that I’m experiencing after child birth. This shampoo is my remedy to regain my crown of glory from now onwards!

Used it once and can significantly see the difference in flakes & dandruff. No itching, very calming for my sensitive scalp.

Cosmo-Organic Certified

Silicone, sulfate, mineral oil free


No Synthetic Fragrance


Recycled & Recyclable Packaging