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Found in over 100 salons & beauty centres in France & trusted by top hair professionals and experts.

Only good hair days with Elenature

Revolutionizing clean haircare with high performance, innovative, green ingredients.The French touch of beauty, the Elenature holistic hair wellness experience. With strong focus on scalp care, all of the products contains plant derived ingredients that treat all underlying problems from the root. There is a solution for all hair & scalp concerns- hair loss, dandruff, sensitive scalp, dull hair- Elenature has extraordinary targeted treatments made just for you.

Professional scalp & hair wellness solution

A breakthrough between nature's best and technology's finest for your hair and scalp concerns

Ecocert Cosmos-organic certified

Vegan trademark

Sulfate, silicon, paraben-free

Cosmos-Organic certification is the most stringent and heavily regulated ingredient system in the world that guarantees products are genuinely organic and produced in the sustainable ways. The entire product cycle from R&D to ingredients to the manufacturing facilities and even packaging materials are closely audited.

To avoid misleading practices of labelling products 'organic' or 'natural' without guarantee, we picked the gold standard of Cosmos-organic for the best assurance on the quality of the products.

A non-exhaustive list of what the label guarantees as follows:
- absence of petrochemical ingredient: parabens, phenoxyethanol, perfumes and synthetic colorants

- environmentally friendly production and processing processes respecting also human health.

- responsible use of natural resources

- respect of biodiversity

- absence of GMO

- recyclable packaging

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Hairstylist-approved heat protectants to add to your routine.

I have been using Elenature natural products for a short time and am very happy on how it enhanced my care routine with natural products.

Instantly illuminates the luster and soothe the weak and brittle hair!

Care adapted for your scalp!