Vivaiodays Consumer Panel

Well-loved by the mummy community in Singapore, Vivaiodays offers non-medicated, steroid-free solution for babies with eczema-prone skin. The range of products also include baby personal care that are gentle, yet highly effective, thanks to the cumulation of traditional remedies using only the purest of the ingredients.

We are looking for consumer panel testers from our community to share qualitative evaluation on the products and provide assessment on the claims and benefits.

What are the products for testing? 

Vivaiodays will be launching 2 brand new products and 1 revamped product with the following focus

  • Eczema & hyper sensitive skin care
  • Hair conditioning
  • Scalp and hair spray

Can you share more about the consumer panel process?

With our constant feedback from our IYLA fam, we have revamped the consumer panel- We will only launch products that are fully approved by our community using this 2-part process.

Consumer testing & reviews

  • Actual products will be sent to the product testers.
  • They will undergo a period of testing (around 2 weeks).
  • Qualitative results together with pictures documenting the duration of testing will be collected.
  • All testers will be interviewed on their usage experience of the products.

Product Survey

  • Product features & pricing of the new launch will be shared to our mailing list members
  • At least one survey will be done to gather interest levels & questions on the new launch.

Launch of products to be determined through analysis and collation of results. Moving forward, new products and brands will have to be approved by our community before it will be listed in our store.

If I sign up to be part of the consumer panel, what is expected of me?

  • Periodic photo taking for progress-charting
  • Feedback sharing (it may be a virtual or in-person interview)